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About Healthy Living

The art of living your very best life no matter your age or stage or what is 'ailing' you!


You are


Your choice is a conscious act towards prevention.


How well you treat yourself today defines your future wellness!

Virtual wellness appointments are available providing the support you need to empower you with the knowledge to feel better,  tools to embrace your wellness and to

own your healing journey. 


Ready to go from apprehensive to amazing to awe-inspiring wellness?

“Dr. Lana is a knowledgable professional who takes a keen interest in her clients’ well-being.

Dr. Lana listens attentively  and modifies treatment for each individual in order to promote

enhanced health and healing.”

- Glynda W.

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The Healthy Living Programs

Virtual Wellness -

Anywhere, Anytime



Functional Medicine

Personalized whole body approach to treating the root cause of disease with biochemical lab evaluation, nutritional/supplemental support and regular follow-ups for anti-aging, arthritis, asthma, covid, diabetes, digestive issues, inflammation, women's gynecological conditions.


Integrative Oncology with Gerson Therapy

Individualized full therapy management of care utilizing a holistic approach at any stage of chronic disease and cancer care. Personalized nutritional guidance to help your body heal itself.

Click here to learn more about the Gerson therapy and here for RGCC specialized testing 

And almost Any Ailment

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The Healthy Living Virtual Life Style Programs

Virtual Vibrant Woman Project - YAY,  the program is a call to discover how the program can help you become the healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself :) (click on title and enjoy a preview of the program)


The Art of Aging Well 

90 day program to guide you towards celebrating your prime of life, prioritizing goals, importance of self-care with nutrition, exercise, sleep, fulfilling dreams, positive mindset and embracing the value of honouring yourself elegantly and with grace


Oncology Yoga (available September 2024)

The science and art of yoga is a perfect combination to provide breath, meditation and gentle movement to support your wellness sojourn.




I have been a client of Dr Lana's for over 5 years.  She is a highly skilled practitioner who healed my rosacea and relieved back and foot pain ,  helped thyroid issues, and balanced  hormones. 

Very knowledgeable about herbs and supplements. I have learned so much from her so many tips and tricks. 


A very caring doctor who has gone above and beyond for me .  She is always bright and upbeat.  I love her sense of humour.  Just a lovely human being that one enjoys being around.

I feel fortunate to have her in my life  as health troubles come and go.  Her support and access to resources make me feel more confident on my health  journey. Extremely prompt on answering calls and emails. Never leaves you hanging. 

Highly recommend!!! 

- Shannon C.
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