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365 Days of Limitless Opportunity Awaits You!

YAY, I get excited with the prospect (God willing) of a year ahead of dreams to weave into goals supported with strategic plans that will bring about fruition and the realized outcome(s). There are no limits only our choice to seek and reach those opportunities! Dreams don't even have an age limit. No matter your age, which by the way is just a number and "is mind over matter so if you don't mind....then, it doesn't matter." The only limits are the ones you put upon yourself...its time to get out of your own way :)

Hours are wasted scrolling through endless social media pages "dreaming" about other peoples lives, whilst your dreams remain in a dark corner of your psyche causing only more discontent and unhappiness. Denzel Washington, sums it up, " Dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment."

So, what are your dream(s)? What do you desire to add, delete, modify or change, in your daily life? What is around the corner that you wish to accomplish in the next 365 days of 2022?

It is very important to move that "thought" to the "heart" so that a "passion" can fuel the deep desire which "drives" the fervour to complete the steps required to follow through to the realized outcome. I find it helpful, to break down the steps so they are doable and do not defeat me before I begin. Then, I add a timeline to each step so I am accountable to my plan. And, voila, it is amazing how the plan unfolds.

Happy dream weaving, planning and fulfilling your hearts desires and goals - I am excited to hear what wonderful accomplishments you will realize in 2022!

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