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Amazing Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, a fleshy succulent, long renowned for its healing abilities. My plant was purchased over the winter on sale and very neglected. At one point, I figured I may lose her but she has rallied and is smiling with the warm summer climes. The aloe vera is easily propagated and happy in poor soil conditions.

The aloe is a very important staple for burns, beauty preparations, digestion and a well known purgative.

Culinary: in South Africa a lovely jelly was made with the gel/sap inside. Aloe vera juice is very soothing on digestive issues, ulcers, and as a blood cleanser.

Cosmetic: the sap may be added to creams to soften the skin. Wonderful to reduce itchy, dry scalps when added to your shampoo. And, in South Africa, we added it to our sunscreen to provide additional protection from the sun.

Medicinal: skin conditions-rashes, burns, heat rash soothes the affected area. The leaves can be used in a poultice for skin ulcers or other skin disorders.

Home uses: I use it on Amedeo (my poodle) to soften his foot pads, especially, in the hot summers as the combination of salt water and hot pavement dry out his tootsies.

Aloe vera is also, used as a parasitic purgative for human and animal use.

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