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  • Dr. Lana Liable

Are you Cool?

Summer has arrived and brought lovely warm temperatures.

It is important to stay cool and hydrated to avoid becoming overheated.

Some tips:

  • avoid the hottest part of your day and enjoy the early morning and evening hours for outdoor fun

  • wear natural fiber, light coloured clothing - cotton, linens that breathe and are light weight

  • wear a wide brimmed straw hat that covers your head and neck area

  • apply sun-screen when out in the sun or swimming - there are some great natural based products available ( or

  • Begin your day with water and lemon and continue to drink water hourly to stay hydrated

  • Enjoy light meals with lots of fruit and vegetables

  • Avoid sugar filled drinks or alcohol as it makes you hotter and dehydrates you quicker. If you must have a drink then, rehydrate with water between each drink

  • Avoid air conditioning and instead enjoy an overhead fan or a swamp cooler

Enjoy the long summer days as they are fleeting and provide us with wonderful memories.

As Van Morrison say,s, " Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly."

Many Blessings.

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