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Falling into the Autumn Season

The days are beginning to display a crispness in the air, with the urge to don a couple more layers of clothes and a desire for warmer foods.

Autumn is the season of slowing down with shorter days and longer nights. We begin to reassess our schedules, goals and deepest desires as this season is all about refinement.

Here are a few suggestions to make this transition more fluid and healthier:

  • Wear a scarf to keep your neck warm to ensure that you protect your lungs. The autumn season is represented by the lung organ and needs to be nurtured and protected as the weather becomes drier and cooler.

  • Simplify your life and focus only on whats the most important items to accomplish. Stay hydrated with plenty of water and warm beverages.

  • If your allergies become troublesome, use a neti pot, drink teas especially designed to assist your respiratory system, book an appointment at or sign up for our wellness wednesday tips.

  • The season for salads and smoothies is behind us. In the autumn we begin to add warming cooked foods such as stews, soups, broths with additional spices to ward off the chilly air. Adding the root vegetables and more pungent foods will support the lung through the autumn season. Take a drive to the local markets and enjoy some seasonal fruits such as, apples, pears, and plums. The lungs emotional component is sadness and grief...this is the season to acknowledge those feelings, address them and let them go. A melancholy somber is often felt during this time so give yourself a hug and the time to adjust to this beautiful season.

Happy Happy Fall, Dr. Lana, CGP, TCMD

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