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Thank you every-one for your input into future posts! Great ideas and I have been learning a number of new ways to creatively support you on your health journey. Thank you for your patience :)

Happy Easter...the spirit of health, hope, happiness and healthy living! Spring is magical with the re-birth of nature being aroused into a glorious display of color, pomp and ceremony.

How will you spend this up-coming holiday?

Egg painting ( and annual Easter egg hunts are always a wonderful tradition. Baking hot cross buns and preparing your favourite family recipes are a special time of togetherness, laughter and fun. Listening to the new bird songs and enjoying the lingering evening light is to be treasured. Walks in the forest or at the beach provide our busy minds with reflection, and repose.

Amedeo and I will be enjoying picking shells, sea glass, making some of our favourite foods, listening to music and reflecting on the true meaning of this special time.

Embrace the power of balance, the simple pleasures of life and the hope that Easter blesses to each of us.

""Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life." Janine Di Giovanni

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