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How to Prepare for Summer

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I, welcome spring and all the joys it brings!

  1. Longer days with amazing sunrises and sunsets

  2. Rebirth of the sleeping trees, perennials and herbs

  3. Return of song birds and the dear robins, even at 4:45am :)

  4. Smell of fresh cut grass

  5. Joy of seeing seedlings peak through the warm earth

  6. And much more...

And, oh dear, what I don't welcome:

1. The winter weight that has gathered midline

2. Sluggish metabolism and wobbly thighs

3. Mental lethargy with a dash of laziness and apathy

4. Winter covid poor eating habits that needs to melt away like the distant memories of snow a couple months ago

What is your plan to get back in shape?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Evaluate everything that you eat and drink and give it a value - is it going to help you lose weight, feel better and look amazing...or not?

2. Portion control and filling your plate with more vegetables than carbohydrates or protein will aid with satiation and feeling full

3. Don't skip meals and reduce snacking. Choose healthy snacks to munch on

4. Stay hydrated and drink 8-8oz glasses of water daily

5. Exercise-yoga, walking, taking the stairs, parking at the far end of the parking lot all provide you with extra steps

6. Love yourself and spend time in meditation and feeling gratitude for where you are right now, whilst envisioning your future self

7. Turn off your electrical gadgets and remove them from the bedroom

Summer is just around the corner and you have time to look and be amazing!

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