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  • Dr. Lana Liable

Immune System Boosters

The best ways to keep your immune system optimal are:

  1. Hydration- our bodies are 97% water and depend on us to ensure that we are feeding valuable nutrients and electrolytes to our blood stream. Bodily functions can only operate optimally if we are keeping ourselves in balance. Body temperature will be better regulated, joints well lubricated, improved sleep quality, elevated moods and infections minimized.

  2. Yep, healthy diet - what we fuel our bodies with = outcome. The level of malnutrition in a first world country troubles me and is a critical factor of how it affects our bodies immune responses. The Mediterranean diet with an emphasis on plant-based food is a great well balanced preventive approach.

  3. Quality rest and relaxation - not practiced or honoured enough in North America - try taking a break daily.

  4. Supplementation - many options but here are some recommendations:


Elemental Zinc 25mg x 1

Vitamin D3 5000iu x 1

Vitamin C 1000mg x 1

Quercetin 500mg x 1

Stay well and more tips to come!

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