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Its Spring = Allergies

Spring is welcomed and dreaded by some due to allergies.


  1. Nutrition-In Chinese medicine we eat by the seasons and spring encourages us to move from the nutrient dense comfort foods of winter to a more alkaline, lighter fare:

- Stewed rhubarb for detoxification and a good spring clean

- Fresh green onions and garlic that boost our immune system and are powerful antioxidants

- Lemon water first thing in the morning nourishes the liver

- Focus on steaming, more green vegetables and less fatty foods and carbohydrates

- Enjoy the flavours and new produce thats coming to your local grocer

2. Home- time to open the doors and windows and let the fresh spring air in

- Turn/flip, vacuum and air your mattresses

- Recycle and give away items that you don't need-outdoor garage sale

- Start seedlings to enjoy fresh home grown produce

3. Emotional- practise the power of forgiveness and let go of all resentments and bitterness. Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration

4. Move- enjoy the longer days, go for a walk, and breathe in the signs of spring. The liver needs movement and so do you!

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