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5 Spring Cleaning Tips to a Healthy You

Updated: May 15, 2022

Are you ready to shed the winter blues and sedentary lifestyle? Spring has arrived so it is time to "tidy up" and get ready for an awesome spring/summer!

Tip #1 - Dry Body brush

It is time to rid your body of dry skin and begin anew. The skin is our largest organ and is often neglected. Take approximately, 5 minutes to dry brush towards your heart before your shower/bath. Keep the brush dry so it can effectively sluff off the old cells. Your skin will thank you for opening the pores to fresh air and the ability to detoxify wholistically.

Tip #2 - Re-Assess your nutrition

Fresh vegetables and fruit are beginning to be offered in the supermarkets and so this is the perfect time to change up your diet to a lighter fare. In Chinese medicine we eat by the seasons and in spring we detoxify, rebuild and regenerate our cells. Fresh and light stir frys of early spring greens, and the sour flavors of rhubarb, nourishing goji berries and fresh fish will aid in an effective spring clean.

Master Hsuan explains the adage of "moderation"-

The five flavours, sour, sweet, butter, pungent, and salty correspond to the five elements. Sour corresponds to wood, bitter to fire, pungent to metal, salty to water and sweet to earth. If you understand the nature of medicinal herbs and foods, you will see that the Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs, and Kidneys are also classified according to the five elements. The Heart (and Small Intestine) is also associated with the predominance of fire, the Liver (and Gallbladder) with the predominance of wood, the Spleen (and Stomach) with earth, the Lung (and Large Intestine) with metal, and the Kidneys (and Bladder) water. In the spring don't eat much of the sour flavor, you will get Liver sickness and the eyes cannot see clearly. In the summer, don’t eat much bitter, it will harm the Heart. In the late summer, you can eat more of the sweet flavor with no harm, as a little sweet is good any season, but don’t over do it. In the autumn, do not eat much of the hot flavor, you can get Lung sickness and in the winter, do not eat much salt, as it will harm the Kidneys. Don’t over do it and you will not get sick.”

Here is another good article that explains the dietary plan for all the seasons:

Remember, hydration, especially, as we move into the warmer months. Hydration, dilutes allergies, nourishes lungs, kidneys and flushes our system. Often, when we "think" we are hungry it is actually our body asking for water.

Tip #3 - Feel Alive!

Spring is an expression of re-birth and I love watching nature awaken. I also, desire to move more, breathe deeper and make resolutions to ensure a healthy mind, body, spirit as the year progresses. The days fly by as I revamp my goals, diet and gardening plans - a promise of life, growth and fruition- exciting! Move, breathe, and embrace the promises that spring offers.

What are you doing for YOU to make healthy changes to feel better?

Tip #4 - We are up we think and dream

I am a true believer that we are what we ponder upon...remove the dreary cloak of winter and don the stirring beginnings of spring. Try a new recipe, hobby, sport or a vegetable variety for your garden. Grow where you are planted, dream and shine!

Tip #5 - Daily choose one healthy habit

We all "know" what we need to do but become apathetic in our desire to choose healthier options. Daily, try, give yourself the love and attention that you deserve. Its amazing how our bodies are so grateful and thankful for attending to its/our needs.

A Healthy Life is a blessing of Healthy Living

Are you ready for an awesome spring season? Take the time to not only open the windows of your home but also, your lungs with deep belly breathes of fresh air.

If you need guidance and inspiration, then, sign up for my Vibrant Women's program so we can help you become the healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself :)

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