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Timeless Thyme Vulgaris

Thyme, an age old perennial that deserves to be in everyones garden. It has been used for centuries for its culinary and medicinal benefits. Mine is blooming (very soft purple tinged flowers) and there are "babies" growing in another pot...very easy to propagate.

Culinary: wonderful herb added to stews, meat dishes, salads. Thyme aids digestion of fatty foods so its important to add to meat dishes and other dishes high in a fat content. Thyme is the staple herb in the Arabic, spice blend-Za'atar...yummy with bread. Thyme can be added in a salad dressing as a herbal vinaigrette.

Cosmetic: I have not used it as much in my beauty routine but it is a great antiseptic to be added to your toothpaste or mouthwash. When combined with rosemary it is an effective anti-dandruff hair rinse.

Medicinal: Thyme is known for its anti-spasmodic, digestive and antiseptic properties. Good for digestion, skin conditions and abdominal issues.

Home uses: wonderful addition to potpourri and little bouquets. A decoction with the leaves can be made for use as a household disinfectant.

Other valuable insights to this dainty little herb:


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