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I learned of a new term from one of my clients which encapsulates so much..."Glimmer."

What does "glimmer" mean, well, it is a memory of a pleasant moment that makes you feel happy, safe, protected, loved. The above photo, I took many years ago whilst walking on the beach at Tofino, British Columbia. The sand was being artfully moved by the tide which fascinated me, enlivened my senses and the free beauty that I was enjoying.

We all have special sounds, smells, sights, temperatures that touch us on so many levels that bring us positive memories or reminders that bring us joy. These cues calm our central nervous system and help us to feel relaxed.

What are some of your favourite "glimmers"?

Here are some articles that you many find interesting on how you can increase your "glimmers":

Don't miss out on enjoying the "glimmers" around you.


Dr. Lana

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