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Autumn Wellness Tips

As the season slowly merges to cooler weather so we must begin to make changes in our nutrition, clothing, sleep habits, and exercise regimes.

Nutrition- begin to add warming foods to your meals, such as:

  • roasted root vegetables

  • steamed vegetables and fruits

  • hearty soups and stews

  • lentil and bean dishes

Clothing - it is time to begin to add layers to keep our body heat inside. Warm head and feet = a warm body. A light scarf around our neck to keep away the cool drafts guards our immune system. And, shoes are now appropriate to keep us warm.

Sleep - as the day light hours shorten, we tend to spend more time inside and retire earlier in the evening. Enjoy a bedtime routine that includes, gentle stretches, warm baths, candlelight and a quiet time of meditation and prayer.

Exercise - after our busy summers, a routine can be welcome. Begin, your exercise practice and do your best to be consistent.

Mentally/Spiritually - we begin to look within and be introspective and feel the desire to assess and evaluate our priorities and goals. A sentiment, that I appreciated and learned in Nova Scotia, is the view that the fall season is a second New Year for us to have a renewed beginning.

Enjoy and make the remaining months of the year count - focus on your wellness, prioritize your daily activities and re-align life goals.

Blessings and stay healthy!

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