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What is the Gerson Therapy?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

I am often asked to explain, what is the Gerson therapy, who does it help and how does it work?

The Therapy is for any and everyone who is troubled with feeling unwell, suffering from acute or chronic ailments or is seeking a therapy as a preventative measure.

Please watch the videos from the Gerson website: which will provide a broad overview.

As a teenager, visiting my grandparents I read Dr. Max Gerson's book, "A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 cases." This well underlined book is a treasure in my library and often referred to as I utilize the many words of wisdom that Dr. Gerson shared on those pages for my clients/patients.

Dr. Gerson's daughter, Charlotte, dedicated her life to carrying on Dr. Gersons mission and vision of wellness for all those in need of guidance on their health journey.

My grandparents understood the value of an organic, plant based diet, detoxification, adequate supplementation, quality sleep, and stress management. The Gerson Therapy is a plant based metabolic, nutritional therapy that floods the body with nutrients from the diet, juices and supplementation. Detoxification is key to releasing the toxins and cleansing the body of dis-ease.

Yes, the therapy can be stringent, but the body is being over-hauled at a cellular cell at a time...our bodies are amazing and wonderfully made when given an optimum environment to survive and thrive.

The therapy may be utilized as a preventative measure, as well as, for many conditions, from heart disease, diabetes, digestive ailments, inflammatory conditions to cancer. Its versatility is multi-faceted and can be used if a client is taking medications, on chemotherapy, or undergoing other conventional modalities.

If you would like to learn more about "how" this therapy may be of value for you or a loved one...please book a Q & A at:

Many blessings on your wellness journey.

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